Top Android Apps you must have in your Phone

Top Android Apps you must have in your Phone

The google play store have huge number of apps that can take into account your each need. Continue with this article to know more about top android apps of this year .

Still, App Developers and owners know the importance of keeping up with the latest developments in Applications and learning from Editor’s Choice, Featured android apps and Best Selling android apps.

When asked on Reddit about the Top Android Apps of all time , Most App Developers and Android users explained about many apps in which Some are new, and others have been standbys on this this for quite a long time.

Since these articles were so well known with our readers, we’re ensuring we consistently update them, so you can bookmark the list, and come back to it every time to need for more information.

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The Google Play Store have a broad list of android apps and growing every day so how do you will know which are the best android apps , So We’ve done the researching for you and We’ve got you covered with our list of the Top Android apps.


#1  MacroDroid

If you want to do as much as possible with your android phone then this is the best app to go. Automate repetitive everyday tasks, activate Wi-Fi when you come home, turn on GPS when you put your phone in a car cradle and so on. MacroDroid is a kind of Automation app, which is the easiest way to automate tasks in three simple steps:
1. Select the trigger
2. Select the actions to perform
3. Add (optional) constraints to activate a macro only when you want


Top Android Apps you must have in your Phone - macrodroid 1           Top Android Apps you must have in your Phone - macrodroid 2

#2  Pixel Icon Pack

This is an icon pack and it requires a custom android launcher like apex, nova etc. to work. Using this icon pack you can change your app icons to your choice. You will surprise by checking most apps are covered by this icon pack.The icons maintain the branding and style of the originals while giving them a more consistent, uniform look.

Top Android Apps you must have in your Phone - pixel icon pack 1             Top Android Apps you must have in your Phone - pixel icon pack 3

#3  Wunderlist

Wunderlist helps millions of people around the world capture their ideas, things to do and places to see. Whether you’re sharing a grocery list with a loved one, working on a project, or planning a vacation, Wunderlist makes it easy to share your lists and collaborate with everyone in your life. Wunderlist instantly syncs between your phone, tablet and computer, so you can access your lists from anywhere.


#4  SwiftKey Keyboard

Going to our next android application we have SwiftKey Keyboard which provides, hassle-free typing. SwiftKey Keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically understand your writing style, it includes most used emoticons , words by you.
Here is what SwiftKey Officials says about it-
“SwiftKey Keyboard caters for all typing tastes – all colors, designs and themes. Support for 150+ languages. Tapping or swipe-to-type. Tons of emoji (smileys, emoticons). No emoji. Or emoji keyboard predictions learned from how you’ve used emoji before.”



#5 SnowBall

Are you bothered of Useless notifications in your android, then SnowBall is the best android app to get rid from it. SnowBall will make sure, that you are getting the notifications you want. You can simply hide the most annoying app notifications with a single swipe. Notifications, that matters you most, will be at top. The other advanced feature of this app is , you can reply to your friends in a faster and efficient way.
Basically it enhances the Android platform with an all new notifications experience. The app is not available in Asian countries, Google Ventures invested in Snowball, in future we can see more changes into it.

                   Top Android Apps you must have in your Phone

#6 Seven Minute Workout

In a busy life schedule, we don’t have time to exercise,  Here comes an android app which will take care of it. The app contains 12 top rated exercise, and you just need one chair to complete workout. 7 Minute workout is useful tool for anyone who wants to make sure they have a way to work out no matter what. The workout is heavy on body weight exercises–no 3equipment necessary–and only lasts seven minutes. 
The app is Based on ‘The Scientific 7-Minute Workout’ routine posted in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal and highlighted by The New York Times.


#7 Reddit (Official App)

To Discover top trending topics, breaking news, viral video clips, funny jokes and hot memes, just go with Reddit Official App.  Initially there was no official app from reddit, the only way to get connected through reddit community was using their website and other unofficial reddit sync apps. Later Reddit launched their most awaited android application, which loads faster then the web version. 
You can create your own feed by subscribing to your favorite subreddits, to get the socially curated, constantly updated feed of news headlines, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos that interest YOU. To check what’s trending go to r/popular.
One can easily upload photos, post memes, contribute stories, join discussions, upvote and downvote to help other users find the best links, videos, pics.

 Top Android Apps you must have in your Phone     

#8 Textra SMS

To discover most advanced  highly customiable version of sending texts from android, Textra SMS messaging app is an alternative.
It Comes with a bunch of great features, which makes this app into top android apps of all time. It have “notably 180+ material design theme, bubble & app icon colors. Dark, light & auto-night modes, multiple bubble styles, scheduled (future) SMS & MMS, stop during send, slide to delete, slide to call, quick snap camera, multi-select picture gallery, quick reply popup, awesome MMS GROUP messaging, quick voice memos, GIFs, 21 text sizes, message blocker / blacklisting, pin-to-top, automatic video & picture compression, plus heaps more.”

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