5 Places in India where Indians are not allowed

5 Places in India where Indians are not allowed

Some time ago I visited Goa and came to know there was a place where Indians were not allowed. I did a little research and found there are many place in the country having restricted entry for Indians. On the other hand we’ve our Right to Freedom,  to move freely throughout the territory of India. However, Hotel owners have their own choice to make their rules. Here is a list of some infamous places in India where only foreigners are allowed.

#1 Foreigners only’ beach, Goa

5 Places in India where Indians are not allowed- foreigners only beach goa

When it comes about beach and shakes, Goa is the the most-preferred destination but there are number of beaches in Goa that deny entry to Indians. Goa is known as water paradise and on the other hand, A famous shack named as withheld at Arambol Beach does not rent out its rooms to Indians at all because they are “perennial lechers”.

#2 Uno-In Hotel, Bangalore

The Uno-In Hotel was built in Bangalore in 2012. A number of incidents reported where the hotel staff stopped Indians from entering the premises, especially at the Rooftop restaurant. Later the Great Bangalore City Corporation (GBCC) sealed the hotel after receiving constant complaints from various Indians.
#3 Sakura Ryokan Restaurant, Ahmedabad
Sakura Ryokan Restaurant is started to serve only Japanese citizens. Indians are not allowed in this restaurant and the reason they gave is they are saving their customers from insensitive behavior and eve teasing.
#4 Red Lollipop Hostel, Chennai
Red Lollipop Hostel is one of a kind hostel in Mandaveli, Chennai for first time visitors to India. They  offer international-standard and affordable accommodation to backpackers and young travelers. This hostel have managed their own way of admission i.e. by passport only.
#5 Free Kasol Cafe in Kasol
 Kasol is the most well-known destination for holiday among Indians and foreigners. There is a roadside cafe which serve only foreigners. The cafe came into limelight when the manager refused to serve Indians.

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