11 Interesting Facts About The North Korea You May Not Know

North Korea is known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK).  There are more and more people across the globe becoming interested to know about the North Korea. Apart from it’s uniqueness, history, economy, education, government, leaders and strategies , here is a list of 11 interesting facts about the North Korea you may not know.
11 Interesting Facts About The North Korea You May Not Know kim jong 2 
#1  Marijuana is not classified as a drug in the country.
That means you can even smoke weed legally in North Korea.


#2 North Korea have their own calender known as The Juche calendar which was implemented in 1997 . They does not follow the our Christian or Gregorian calendar. The Juche calendar is based on the birth year of Kim Il-Sung : 1912. The birth year of Kim Il-sung (1912 in the Gregorian calendar) became “Juche 1” in the North Korean calendar. Thus, the year 2011 is “Juche 100”, and so on.


#3 The North Korean has the world’s largest stadium. This stadium is used for football, athletics and mass games having  a seating capacity of 114,000.


11 Interesting Facts About The North Korea You May Not Know
#4  North Korean citizens can choose from only 28 styles of haircuts. These haircuts are approved by the supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un. Men have 10 different styles, while women can choose from 18 different options.


#5  Piercings, jeans, other Western attire are banned in North Korea. Yes you can’t even wear jeans in their country. Kim’s regime has banned piercings and jeans as part of a crackdown on Western culture.


#6 Country’s policy of juche or “self-reliance” was created by the founder and first leader of North Korea, Kim Il Sung. This policy disconnect the country from the rest of the world, that means they’ll not take any financial or any kind of help even in bad times such as famines. As many as 2 million people died as a result of famine in the 1990s caused by erratic government farming policies and flooding.


#7 North Korean citizens are completely disconnected from the other parts of the world. They have limited access to television, radio and other forms of communication. The average earnings of North Korean citizens are less than $5.00 per month. 


11 Interesting Facts About The North Korea You May Not Know
#8 North Korea has only three TV channels. Two of these only broadcast during the weekends. Two of which are only available on weekends, while the other is broadcast in the evenings. Because of this, South Korean soap operas are among the most popular items smuggled in for entertainment


#9 North Korea is the world’s only necrocracy. The reason is that It still operates under the rules of a dead leader,  Kim Il-sung who was posthumously declared the President of the North Korea . That means that the present leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, bears the titles of the Supreme Leader of the DPRK, Supreme Commander of the Army , but he does not hold the presidential status.


#10 North Korean elections  take place every five years but there is only one candidate to vote.


#11 North Korean citizens  can not celebrate birthdays on July 8 and December 17 because Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il died on these dates.

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